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Each photographer’s trajectory and point of view is unique to only them. But one experience remains fairly universal no matter your journey: the portfolio review.

For award-winning photographer and PhotoShelter member Chris Parkes, portfolio reviews have provided some of the most impactful feedback in his career. They helped shape him into the photographer he wanted to be. Now he's paying it forward.

Through the on-air review of anonymous images, Chris is outlining what makes an image more or less successful and offering insights into how to improve your own body of work. 

Watch to learn:

  • What editors are looking for from the first image in a portfolio 

  • How to crop images and adjust composition for a greater impact

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Advice on how to make the most of the feedback (good and constructive) you receive

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Live Portfolio Review: Why The Best Portfolios Are More Than a Collection of Photos

This webinar has ended. Please check back soon for the on-demand webinar recording.