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When it comes to cameras, National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has been around the block. With a career spanning decades, Jim has seen the rise and fall of various camera trends — from black and white film to Kodachrome, and now the rise of the iPhone.

We sat down with Jim to discuss the future of photography, the technological advances of mobile cameras, and the strengths and weaknesses of DSLR vs iPhone photography. 

Along the way, Jim walked us through a handful of his most memorable photos and talked about his process when shooting and deciding which medium to use for each.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Jim’s process for shooting with both DSLR and iPhone cameras

  • The tools and apps necessary to ensure stunning images using mobile cameras

  • The various use cases for each medium and how to approach photography projects from both perspectives

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iPhone vs DSLR Photography: Q&A with Jim Richardson

This webinar has ended. Please check back soon for the on-demand webinar recording.