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"I find that showing up and expecting that the universe will deliver actually paves the way for it to do so. You need patience because often it takes time,” says Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Nikon Ambassador and Think Tank Photo co-founder Deanne FitzmauriceFor her, luck is a state of mind.

With a celebrated photo career beginning in the 1980s, Deanne has produced compelling photo stories for many clients and media outlets, including The San Francisco Chronicle, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic and ESPN.

We sat down with Deanne to walk through a wide range of personal and freelance projects to outline what makes a memorable photograph and how to use the art of storytelling to make an impact. With the right mindset, anyone can leave their mark. 

Watch to learn:

  • How Deanne incorporates PhotoShelter into her workflow

  • The impact of having the right mindset

  • Real stories of failures and triumphs

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Deanne Fitzmaurice: Why Luck Is a State of Mind

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